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Potboy Groceries is a home grown online retailer based in the Klang Valley.

We aim to take care of our customers household needs by providing groceries and household essentials with FREE Delivery, at Value for Money Prices and Without any Minimum Purchase.

Potboy Groceries is committed to saving Mother Earth, hence we reward our customers for passing their recyclable items back to us with Potboy Gold. Potboy Gold can then be used to tender for attractive prizes and claim for interesting freebies!
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Who We Are

Potboy Groceries is an online grocer shopping destination where you can discover new brands, replenish the everyday products you love and look out for the latest must-haves. At Potboy Groceries, we simplify your shopping experience with curated good finds, tips and tools, and daily inspirations for everyday living.

Sourcing directly from suppliers. We’re passionate about getting our product and delivered directly to you, no more finding time for replenishment. So you can shop with convenient and we want you to have as much peace in mind visiting Potboy Groceries as we do in stocking it.

Founded in Malaysia in 2016, Potboy Groceries is owned and operated by PB Group (Company No: 1209976-H), which operates Malaysia's number one home grown online grocer shopping.

Our Environmental Mission

In 2021, e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to grow to $4.88 trillion. The boom in e-commerce seems unstoppable, as more people sign on to the convenience of home delivery and the extra variety that can be found when shopping online.

Yet the shift to e-commerce is leading to more single-use plastic waste due to packaging. This is happening even though environmental consciousness has become a common value in much of the world, evidenced in part by consumers’ willingness to pay more for sustainable products.

No organization has quantified just how much additional plastic packaging is being used due to e-commerce, or the net impact on the environment. Yet the plastic waste generated through e-commerce is one point of strong criticism from the general public, since B2C online purchases must be packaged one extra time (as compared to bulk B2B items) to protect them during shipping. In addition, return rates for items bought online are as high as 30 percent, which implies multiple purchases of the same item.

The Impact of COVID-19

We have a plastic pollution problem here in Asia because investment in recycling infrastructure hasn’t been able to keep pace with the exponential growth of consumption. That consumption and consumer purchasing patterns are inextricably linked to retail and e-commerce companies. What’s more, new purchasing habits driven by COVID-19,  are causing consumers to turn increasingly to e-commerce brands and online retailers underscoring the opportunity and necessity of having them as part of the solution.

Potboy Groceries' Pledge - Use Green Packaging Alternatives Where We Can and Reduce Dependency on Plastic Packaging 

Using eco-friendly alternatives to our packaging is a the way we adopt to minimize our e-commerce business’ packaging waste. This could be as simple as collecting your recycling bags for your next purchases. By now, we know that plastic is toxic and dangerous for us, wildlife and the planet in general. It can release harmful chemicals into the soil or water, is consumed by animals, and causes serious damage — in some cases, life-threatening — to hundreds of species, including humans.

Potboy Groceries team is also a strong believer of delivering impact back to the community. In order to protect the Mother Earth, our team at Potboy Groceries are committed to minimize the environmental footprint. We encourage our lovely shoppers to do the same and one of the ways is by giving your recycle bags to our abang delivery during your next delivery session! 

We are responsible for these 2 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. 1) Goal #11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities 2) Goal #12 - Responsible Consumptions and Productions

SDG goal 11SDG goal 12

Since 3rd July 2019, Potboy Groceries has been actively encouraging customers to give us the recycling bags in exchange for Potboy's rewards and gift, and educating our customers to be a responsible consumers. Here are some of the activities we have drive for the good impact.

  • (i) Encouraging consumers exchange recycling bags for rewards and discounts. Potboy Gold is earn and exchangeable for prizes.
  • (ii) Educating green awareness and impact of eCommerce waste to the environment for e-Commerce consumers in Malaysia.
  • (iii) Reduce the cost of recurring packaging that enables the extra credits and prizes that return to the consumers.

We innovate the exchange of rewards or gift for recycling bags, we have introduced the use of Potboy Gold redeem and collection on our website/app for every recycling bags collected, this entitles the customers to exchange some discount and freebies, we can deliver this by leveraging on the existing resources we have — our own delivery fleet, we believe every sustainable business needs to contribute back to the environment/community and this is the way we are doing.
SDG goal 12

So, Let's be a responsible human and save the mother earth together by doing our little part, it's as simple as giving us your recycle bags!